Rhett Johnson has been putting ink to skin for nearly ten years. During that time he has worked alongside a variety of respected artists both nationally and globally, while absorbing everything ‘tattoo’ along the way. The recipient of several local awards, Rhett has established himself among some of the most prominent tattoo artists in the Kansas City area.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Rhett started his apprenticeship in 2003 under the ever watchful eye of John Monk at Kingpin Tattoos. After three years, he continued his journey at Freaks on Broadway before landing comfortably at the Illustrated Man, where he once again worked alongside his mentor. During his time at Illustrated man, Rhett honed in on his own personal style of tattooing and art.  Rhett enjoys a variety of tattoo styles and genres, yet excels in the use of traditional Japanese imagery within his work.

After three years, John Monk once again opened his own shop and Rhett stuck by his side. Rhett can currently be found at John Monk’s Revelation Tattoo, where he has been since its inception in 2009. While working primarily by appointment he is always happy to accommodate walk-in clientele. Rhett Johnson strives to create and customize tattoos to the individual. His mission is to produce a work of art that exceeds expectations, leaving the customer with an experience and memory that will last a lifetime.

Rhett is available for consultations at Revelation Tattoo, Kansas City, MO. (816) 420-0987